Google Assistant New Update

Google Assistant New Update is Much Faster than the Previous Versions


Sometimes while using smartphones we feel lazy and don’t feel like doing a specific process such as setting alarm but with the edge of latest technology here comes the smartphone voice command which is making our life easier. Voice command is a significant way to do things on the smartphone by simply giving a voice command. We can say that the quality of voice command has improved with time.

SIRI by Apple was the one which gave a new direction to the voice command and started a trend of smart assistants. Then came Alexa by Amazon which was a home-based smart assistant who can do a lot and can even have a normal conversation with you. In 2016 Google came up with the idea of the smart assistant in smartphone and its debut was in the messenger app. Later it was officially launched in most Android devices.

Problem with any smart assistant is that it is very difficult to make it work as these applications don’t recognize your voice and always do something different than it is supposed to be.

Alexa and SIRI were really up to the mark but when Google Assistant was officially launched then we can say that it was a big addition to the market as its initial demo included a whole conversation between Google Assistant and a Hair Spa representative in which Google Assistant was booking an appointment on behalf of the user. The idea was totally new but had few glitches and also wasn’t operative fully.

Now Google has just announced the new update of Google Assistant and it is more than enough to beat all other smart assistant products in the market. According to reports, it can process 12 commands in 41 seconds which is fast enough as compared to the existing systems available. The short way to test a voice-activated system is that simply tell it to open the twitter page of some celebrity.

A good system will open it in no time regardless of how difficult the name of that celebrity is. Google Assistant passed all those tests in no time. According to Google, this new update is 10 times faster than the previous version of Google Assistant.

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