Google Assistant Testing A Feature Which Permits Users Sending Text Whilst Phone Is Locked


Well, this can either be a fabulous feature or a possible risk to its users’ privacy!

We are aware of the fact that Google has been saving our voice data by using its Google Assistant. However, it did not permit users any interaction with their mobile whilst its screen is locked.

Users’ privacy:

 Although many people experience this feature as cool, it may pose a potential risk to its users’ privacy. Currently, Google is testing the feature for a small group of users within selected markets, so, for now, it is not necessary to worry about it.

It must be taking into account that most of the functions of an Android mobile, like calling a contact, will be blocked until the caller unlocks the device.

Voice commands:

On the other hand, voice commands can be seen as an efficient and convenient method to carry out tasks on an Android device. In turn, Google, as well as other assistants, should be focusing on creating some balance between providing new features and privacy!

Beta app – version 10.28 of Google Assistant:

It looks like that with this forthcoming update, Google may be unwinding the lock screen restrictions, shortly. According to 9to5Google, the staged rolling out of the Beta app – version 10.28 of Google Assistant, sends a direct text from the locked screen, forming part of the A/B test of Google.

Google Assistant lock-screen texting:

 Outlet, the tech media, stated that on certain of Pixel 3’s, running Android 9 Pie, it’s Google Assistant lock-screen texting, is already fully operational. However, an interesting fact is that this feature is not functioning for Google Pixel-devices which run Android Q.

Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 2XL:

 As noted by 9to5Google, they received a tip concerning the mobile’s feature within the lock-screen stage of both Google Pixel 3 & Pixel 2XL, disclosed how the feature functioned, but just for a short time, after which Google apparently pulled it out.

Currently, it is unclear if this update would be rolled out extensively or released worldwide. However, one thing is sure, this update will be acclaimed by users who frankly want a Google Assistant for their Android phones which is totally hands-free.

Pixel phones:

 As you know, the Assistant, forms part of Google Apps in all devices that run Android. Therefore, the lock-screen texting will not just apply to Pixel phones but will work on all other Android devices, which will depend on the attainability timeline.

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