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Google Doodle Uses a Unique Way to Celebrate Earth day


Earth Day is an annual event which we observe every year to create awareness regarding the protection of our environment. The specific day was founded after an oil spill in California resulting killing of more than 10,000 sea species in 1970. We are facing many issues like climate change and endangered species just because of our carelessness and Earth Day is a significant way to create awareness to prevent that.

Google Doodle is not new and shows information about a specific day and historical figure or person in the google search area. It is a great effort by Google to highlight the important people and events of the past to make others aware of different facts.

This Monday Google Doodle celebrated Earth Day by showing a slide show of 6 most endangered species of earth and not only endangered but also recently discovered. That slide show also included details of those endangered species. These endangered species included birds and different organisms.

At the end of the slide show, Google gave us a message to go green and do as much as we could to prevent pollution to help these species survive. We hope that millions will learn from this message and will do something substantial in favor of the earth as the message is reachable to every corner of the world.

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