Google is spending $75 million to teach one million people how to use AI.

Google has pledged $75 million to equip Americans with essential AI skills, aiming to bridge the gap in the AI-driven job market. James Manyika, Google’s senior VP, emphasizes the significance of AI proficiency for economic growth and innovation.

The initiative introduces the “Google AI Essentials” online course, priced at $49 on Coursera. This course covers fundamental AI skills across various industries and awards a certificate upon completion.

Partnering with institutions like Miami Dade College, Google aims to make the course accessible to students and professionals. Citigroup plans to utilize the course for upskilling its employees in AI.

This effort aligns with Google’s broader strategy to address the skills gap in rapidly advancing technology. Other tech giants, including Microsoft and Amazon, are also contributing to technological literacy and job opportunities.

Goodwill, a recipient of Google’s support, anticipates empowering job seekers with digital skills for enhanced employment prospects.

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