Google Sexual Harassment

Google Launching a System for the Employees to Report Sexual Harassment


While working in the offices on a daily basis we work hard to earn better to make our lives easy. But in some cases, it is very difficult for some people especially women who suffer from awful experiences like sexual harassment. In the past, most people used to stay quiet on such events for the sake of job security but now the trends are changing and people are getting more responsive and confident in case any action related to sexual harassment.

Last year a huge campaign named #metoo became viral, through which many women broke the silence and shared their worst experiences in the form of sexual assaults and harassments by celebrities. This movement was a big step towards women empowerment, motivating others to come forward and talk for themselves, instead of staying silent and giving freedom to the guilty to resume their evil acts.

Same happened at the Google in November as almost 20,000 employees left different offices as a protest against the sexual harassment acts by the executives and the organization was worried about the issue. So as part of their new human resource policy, they are officially launching an internal reporting system to report sexual harassment activities immediately.

It is a big step for Google to ensure workplace safety and diversity. This system I currently available for permanent employees only and soon will be provided for temporary and contractual staff members. Google’s newly appointed chief of diversity Melonie Parker announced the reporting system in a blog post. We hope that other organizations will learn from this great initiative by the search giant and will do the same to increase safety at the workplace for every individual.

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