Google Made Telegram Shut Down Hamas-Run Channels.

Telegram has stopped some channels related to Hamas, but this only affects Android phones for now. Google’s app store rules were violated, so Android users can’t access two of these channels called ‘hamas_com’ and ‘al-Qassam brigades.’ You get an error if you try. But if you didn’t get Telegram from the Google Play Store, this ban might not apply.

Google confirmed this and mentioned their rule against violent content linked to terrorism in apps.

Other platforms like Meta and X (formerly Twitter) have blocked Hamas-related accounts and misleading information about the conflict, but Telegram usually allows more content unless pushed.

The CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, didn’t want to close these channels, saying war coverage is tricky and that Hamas used Telegram to warn people before attacks. But it’s important to know that Hamas also uses Telegram to show their attacks, as Human Rights Watch noticed. One of the blocked channels is connected to Hamas’ military branch.

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