Google Stadia future of online gaming

Google Stadia: The Future of Online Gaming


Gaming on the consoles is an addiction for millions around the globe and the geeks who can’t live without this activity spend the bulk of money to get entertained. In the last two decades many companies came forward and PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo really created a great impact on the gaming market with time. Problem is that you need to spend a lot of money to play games on these consoles.

Recently Google has revealed that they are coming soon with a gaming platform with the name of Stadia. The idea is amazingly unique as they will be offering cloud gaming. Now imagine that you don’t need to waste so much money on consoles and in addition to that you can play a high tier game from your mobile or browser, well stadia is coming with this possibility.

Through cloud gaming you won’t be using high graphics capacity consoles, instead, you will be streaming the game remotely. Last year Google initiated a project named stream on which the test run was executed. The test was aimed to play high-end games through a browser instead of a high capacity gaming console.

Google has announced that they will establish a studio which will create games exclusively for Stadia. Google has also revealed the stadia gaming remote which seems like a traditional remote. We don’t know yet that how much will it cost to play on stadia but Google is really going to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Stadia could change the whole ways of online gaming if they will deliver a cloud platform which according to them is “One place for all the ways to play”. This is the statement from their ice breaking video which seems pretty promising.

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