Government decided to ‘restrain’ Friday prayers amid coronavirus outbreak


Islamabad: On Thursday, the federal government has decided to ‘restrain’ Friday congregational prayers amid coronavirus fears.

The Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Inter-faith Harmony Dr. Noor-ul-Qadri has reported congregational Friday prayers will be restrained to avoid coronavirus.

He said, “It has been decided with a consensus that Friday prayers will be ‘restrained’. Only mosques’ administration staff and a limited number of worshippers will be allowed to pray inside mosques.”

Moreover, he informed the masses that this decision has been taken after considering the best ulema of the region. It is very necessary to keep social distancing in order to mark yourself save from this lethal disease.

He also asserted that he has directed the ulema to urged the nation to stay indoors to save the lives of their loved ones.

“Ulema have been told to tell people to pray inside their homes. It is not only the job of the government to control coronavirus but also of the people.”

He also cleared that the mosques will surely be opened but prayers will be conducted inside them.

Earlier, the announcement regarding the closure of the educational institutes also came out.

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