PM Imran Khan has exceedingly spoken about the promotion of tourism within Pakistan. In a recent step, the Government House Murree was inaugurated for the public by Sardar Usman Buzdar, the Chief Minister of Punjab.

The PTI did not only took the decision to permit the public to pay visits to this extravagant and lavish facility, besides the CM Punjab stated that a person will be able to pay for staying at this luxurious heritage resort!

He added further, that the majority of government buildings will be converted into guest houses. This will result in defeating the VIP culture which has afflicted the country for a long period.

He also commended PM Imran Khan for setting an example of prudence by living in his own home. He also emphasized the PTI’s agenda towards the promotion of tourism in Pakistan, whilst showing his remorse because tourism has been ignored for a long time.

He announced the incumbent government’s decision towards using all important, historical government buildings, with the intention to promote tourism.

For the first time in the history of Pakistan, the government house located in Murree, was offered for unofficial use.

Government House Murree: Its significance

During the inauguration ceremony the CM Punjab stated that 15 years ago it was this historic building’s golden jubilee and added that many renowned international personalities have spent time there.

The CM added that about 177 guest- and rest houses were opened in Punjab by the relevant government, to ensure that each possibility to facilitate tourism within Pakistan is utilized to its full potential.

Tourist destinations in remote regions, which include those located in Southern Punjab are currently being developed.

To promote tourism, the necessary preparations are being conducted, like camping sites, paragliding and safari events, whilst the local culture also got the necessary promotion and attention. For this purpose, heritage markets will be established.

The CM said that he hopes that all these resourcefulness will be attracting tons of international and local tourists in an attempt to acquire foreign exchange.

The Chief Minister announced the initiation of double decker buses running in DG Khan and Murree. He also mentioned the abundance of job opportunities which will be provided to local citizens.

Government House Opened in Murree to Public: The Type of Tabdeeli Wanted
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Government House Opened in Murree to Public: The Type of Tabdeeli Wanted
Government House Opened in Murree to Public: The Type of Tabdeeli Wanted
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