“Government, opposition united like a rock on Kashmir” Shahbaz


Lahore: Kashmir issue has become the utmost priority of Pakistanis. Even the opposition leaders are getting united with the PTI government over Kashmir issue. Fighting for poor Kashmiris and their freedom is no less than a jihad for all of us.

Pakistan Muslim League-N President Shahbaz Sharif has endorsed PTI government’s crucial step taken for Kashmir. He mentioned that,

“When it comes to occupied Kashmir, we, the government and the opposition, are united like a rock, and unwavering in our moral, diplomatic and political support to the oppressed Kashmiris. Mr. Modi must make no mistake about it.”

He also lauded Pakistan’s armed forces for their brilliant performance in maintaining world peace.

“Pakistan’s contributions to world peace are well-documented. We have been one of the largest troop contributors to the UN peacekeeping missions.”

“Our armed forces have fought valiantly against terrorists. We are a responsible nuclear state. The world must beware of fascist Modi,” he further added.

However, just like always, he never forgets to criticize the government for presenting poor performance regarding the economy of the country. In another tweet he mentioned that,

“Under IK, the economy has tanked. Markets have been denuded of confidence. “Hundreds of thousands of ppl have lost their jobs. Work on CPEC projects has slowed if not stalled. It’s failed governance.”

He went on saying that “In today’s world, countries protect their FP interests through internal consolidation.”

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