Government Schools in Pakistan

3 Reasons Why Government Schools in Pakistan are Continuously Failing


We sometimes remember the days when our parents told the stories how they struggled through their studies in the late ’70s, these motivational speeches by our parents were to boost our confidence while studying in the late ’90s. The difference if we observe here was of the schools as our parents studied in public sector schools and we studied in private schools. But why that happened as till 90’s public schools were doing really fine, easy on the pockets of the parents, better facilities with huge campuses and many more. After 90’s the trend shifted towards private schools and government schools were there only for the underprivileged people. It seems that the parents took the decision to use better alternatives but why as it shows a true picture of education developments and efforts by the government. With the passage of time government schools really started losing its best whether it was quality of education or the facilities. I have identified three major reasons changing parent’s minds while taking the decision about their child’s education.

1. Quality Provided by Private Schools

As we know private schools are there for many years along with government schools but in the late ’90s, the number of private schools increased rapidly. The aim of the private schools was to provide high-quality education by charging a nominal fee. The highlights of their provided benefits were high-quality curriculum and a safe environment for the students. This attracted lots of students, as parents were now more concerned about these two very important reasons to switch. Moreover, private schools provided better services with reference to a child’s individual needs.

2. Lack of Quality Teachers

In the past, public schools had the best teachers in town, the reason was that the public sector job was everyone’s ultimate wish due to good pay scale and benefits. With time the quality of teachers reduced due to no check on the performance of the teachers, due to which teachers were getting benefits but were not putting full efforts while doing their job. When private schools came into existence, they offered better salaries and benefits, as private schools were charging more from parents, so paying more to the teachers was justified. Private schools made sure of the quality of education and results, directly affecting the decision making of the parents.

3. Lack of Teacher Training

In schools, regular training and capacity building sessions are very important for a teacher. With these activities, the skills of a teacher improve, which results in better performance and outcomes. Education department didn’t do anything in this regard in the past few decades and all the teachers are on service since day one with no improvements in their skills.

In my opinion, public schools are way cheaper than private schools and if the education department sort things out with proper planning and continuous quality assurance, government schools could easily revive its value again.

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