‘Government turned a floundering economy into a sinking one,’ Bilawal


Islamabad: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has criticized the PTI government here on Monday. In his view, the Imran Khan government is responsible for turning a floundering economy into a “sinking economy”.

During his speech in the Lower House of the parliament on Monday, Bilawal addressed a parliament session and discussed matters of grave interest. The very first words of his speech were against the PTI ministers who made in unable to attend the session.

He stated, “The empty seats tell you how much importance the government attaches to such an important issue. The technology minister and postal services minister are here. But these are ‘chota’ ministers.”

Moreover, he also discussed how the flourishing economy of the country has turned into a “sinking economy”.

“The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, State Bank of Pakistan and the FBR are confirming this that the economic situation in Pakistan is getting worse day after day. These are the facts, Mr. Speaker. These are not political statements.”

He went on saying that “The prime minister should tell us about the corruption taking place in the country,” he said. “Or he should accept that we say. That he is inept, incapable and selected, and will have to go home to provide relief to the masses.”

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