‘Government’s time is up, will go home in six months,’ Bilawal

Lahore: Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday stated that ‘the government’s time is up, will go home in six months.’

‘The government’s time is up, will go home in six months.’

According to the recent reports from the media sources, the PPP chairman has challenged the PTI government that it will soon go back home and there are only six months left.

Addressing journalists in Lahore

Addressing journalists in Lahore, the PPP chairman has remonstrated the policies and contracts made by the PTI government. Moreover, he also claimed that it is a selected government that came into power on the basis of a ‘contract’.

He declared, “This government has been formed via a contract. It has no authority.”

For now, he stated that the contract is soon going to expire and the PTI government will be going home in the next six months.

PPP leader has also slammed the PML-N

Surprisingly, the PPP leader has also slammed the PML-N. He said that just like PM Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was also selected.

He mentioned, “The Leader of the Opposition is a very important post. I expect Shehbaz Sharif will return soon to the country. The leaders of Punjab disappear whenever their people need them.”

He further highlighted how Sindh’s minute problem is being highlighted by the media, while the major issues in Punjab are being ignored by the same media,

“Sindh’s HIV is bad, Punjab’s HIV is good.”

He added, “Sindh’s HIV is bad, Punjab’s HIV is good.”

Furthermore, Bilawal also compared the leadership of Murad Ali Shah with Shehbaz Sharif and Usman Buzdar. He called him a better chief minister than the former ones.

“You can compare Murad Ali Shah to the chief ministers of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh if you want,” he added.

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