Govt. MAO College Lecturer committed suicide over false harassment allegations


The Suicide of the lecturer at Govt. MAO College has outraged the masses and people are demanding a solution for these false allegations which are being levelled against the innocent men.

The lecturer’s name was Muhammad Afzal who has committed suicide. The body of the deceased was handed over to the family who has refused to file any case.

According to the local media, the principal at MAO College has sought a detailed report against the matter. Muhammad Afzal was accused by a female student. The case of conducted by Dr. Alia Rehman.

His suicide note becomes a top twitter trend among the masses. He also wrote a letter to Dr. Alia Rehman.

Ali Zafar, a renowned singer of our Entertainment industry has also shared the pictures and suicide note of Muhammad Afzal demanding a solution for these fake allegations.

He wrote on his Twitter handle, “Mr. Afzal, Lecturer at Govt. MAO College commits suicide after false harassment allegations. Leaves a suicide note as his wife leaves him and his reputation tarnished.”

He further questioned that “How many will speak up for him now? How many will speak up against the misuse of #Metoo. Who is responsible?”

Here is the reaction of the masses on Twitter,


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