Govt Set to Permit Overseas Pakistanis to Register Mobiles for 120 Days

The Federal Government of Pakistan is good to go to send off a web-based framework for the brief enrollment of portable handsets for 120 days for foreign nationals and overseas Pakistanis that are visiting Pakistan for short durations.

The launching ceremony of the TRS initiative will be held in the coming days
Once this mechanism is operational, overseas Pakistanis and foreign nationals will be able to avail this facility of temporarily registering their mobile device on each visit to Pakistan without incurring any customs duties for 120 days.
The sources added that the transitory enlistment framework (TRS) has been created and coordinated by PTA in discussion with the Government Leading body of Income (FBR) and the Administrative Examination Organization (FIA)

However, if the said device is intended for permanent use in Pakistan then it will be subject to applicable FBR customs duties/taxes.

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