Grandfather kills grandchildren in Nawabshah


Nawabshah: Local news media revealed that a grandfather has allegedly killed his grandchildren and then severely injured his daughter-in-law in Nawabshah.

As per the initial reports, he was caught by his grandchildren while having an intimate relation with his daughter in law. So, he killed all his grandchildren on Thursday.

The accused name is Veeru Kohli who is being arrested by the police officials. His Daughter-in-law, Ladoni is also in police custody.

The detailed summary of the incident and investigations revealed how Veeru Kohli, fearing of the disclosure, has killed his grandchildren. He has also critically wounded their mother who was later shifted to the hospital for medical treatment.

After recovering the dead bodies of the children, the police officials have shifted them to their relatives. The father of the children is still in shock and trauma.

The complaint against Veeru Kohli has been registered on the behalf of SHO B-Section Rasheed Memon.

It is pertinent to note that the accused Veeru Kohli has shamelessly confessed his wrong doings and is found guilty of murdering his grandchildren.

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