Green shirts Must Play Fearless Cricket

Green shirts Must Play Fearless Cricket: Wasim Akram


The legendary Pakistan fast bowler gave advise to Pakistan National Cricket team to play fearless cricket. He knows the weakness of our team very well. That is the reason we hear such words from him.

Fear is an important factor in winning or losing the game. We also observe that South Africa has good cricketers but in WC matches they get confused or they get puzzled with fear in the 2nd round matches. Same situation we see with Green Shirts. When they start feeling fear then a team like Afghanistan becomes a tough team to beat.

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Try to Play on Front Foot:

He also said, this venue always produced a lot of scores so, there is a need for aggressive cricket or they should try to play on the front foot. The fear of chasing 300+ scores must be skipped from minds.

Shaheed must play proper cricket shots because the black storm got a name in big hitting. We should learn from the Root, who played great cricket after losing the first wicket early.

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