Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke – An exact Spot for Steak Lovers!


If you’re roaming here and there while looking for saucy steaks served on sizzlers and topped with cheese, then I would let you know that Gun Smoke is the best spot to be tried first. Their creamy spinach and cheesy mashed potatoes will leave everything behind in terms of flavor.

Gun smoke is a themed restaurant portraying the pictures and essence of a cowboy. The walls are loaded with painting and pictures of horses and cowboys. The staff and waiters will also be seen carrying cowboy outfits.

The café is best known for serving quite hygienic and delicious steaks. The mouthwatering meat, grilled at its best with spices will make your dining experience even more adventurous. Burger, sandwiches and Nacho fries are also their specialties.

Gun Smoke roastGun Smoke zinger

They will offer you the best quality food at quite a reasonable price and you’ll be shocked too as I was after having a look at the bill.
With amendments in their menu, they are now offering you the mighty BBQ ribs, rib eye, and Mutton chops. Yummy! I have a special inclination towards Mutton chops. One of my favorites. The meat is being cooked and grilled to perfection blending an exquisite flavor of cheese sauce and juicy bacon.


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