Hafeez offered PCB roles by Ashraf

Zaka Ashraf, the chairman of the new PCB management committee, has offered multiple roles to Mohammad Hafeez, the former Pakistan cricketer.
Hafeez and Ashraf held a meeting on Thursday at the PCB headquarters in Lahore. Hafeez took the opportunity to congratulate Ashraf on his return as PCB head. The discussion revolved around potential roles for Hafeez within the organization. Ashraf offered him two significant positions to consider: the role of Pakistan’s chief selector or an important role in the National Cricket Academy.

After receiving the offers, Hafeez expressed his appreciation to Ashraf and conveyed his eagerness to make a positive impact on Pakistan cricket. However, he mentioned the need for some time to consult with his family and friends before reaching a final decision on accepting the roles. Hafeez’s thoughtful approach reflects his commitment to considering all aspects and making an informed choice that aligns with his personal and professional aspirations.

During an interview, Hafeez highlighted his determination to bring reforms to the PCB if given the chance. He expressed that serving Pakistan cricket would be a great honor for him. However, Hafeez emphasized the importance of being granted respect, dignity, and full authority in his role. His remarks underscore his commitment to making a meaningful impact while expecting a conducive and empowering environment to carry out his responsibilities effectively.

Hafeez emphasized that his motivation to contribute to Pakistan cricket does not originate from financial gains but rather from a sincere ambition to take the team to greater heights. He made it clear that his focus lies on the betterment of the sport and the development of talented players. Hafeez also recognized Ashraf as a respected administrator and conveyed his gratitude for the offers extended to him during their meeting. His statements highlight his selfless dedication and admiration for Ashraf’s role in the growth of Pakistan cricket.

In the recent changes within the PCB management committee, Najam Sethi stepped down from his position, paving the way for Zaka Ashraf to take over as the new chairman. Consequently, the departure of Najam Sethi has left the position of Chief Selector vacant. Haroon Rashid, the previous Chief Selector, has ended his tenure, creating an opportunity for a new appointment to be made in the near future. The PCB will proceed with the necessary procedures to select a qualified individual to fulfill the crucial role of Chief Selector.

In addition to the aforementioned changes, there have been reports indicating the potential involvement of other notable personalities in Pakistani cricket within the new setup. Former captain Younis Khan, Mohsin Hassan Khan, and Saleem Yousaf have been mentioned as individuals under consideration for roles within the PCB. However, it is noteworthy that although Shoaib Akhtar’s name was discussed, Zaka Ashraf ultimately decided not to extend an offer to him for a position in the PCB. The selection process for key roles in the cricket board remains ongoing as the management committee carefully evaluates and deliberates on the best candidates to strengthen and uplift Pakistan cricket.

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