Hafeez Shaikh defends PTI govt’s finance policies


Islamabad: According to the recent sources, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has defended the finance policies of the ruling PTI party.

While speaking in the National Assembly, he declared that those who themselves have sought the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme should not criticize the current government.

He said that they have been relying upon the International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme for two years and are now remonstrating the PTI government for the IMF programme.

He said, “The economic situation when the country was heading towards default, forced the new government to seek the IMF programme.”

“General Bajwa and the armed forces also supported the government on the issue of freezing the defence budget,” he added.

He also questioned the previous governments for not taking the economic situation of the country seriously. He praised the current government for taking such bold and difficult stands to bring the economic situation of the country under control.

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