Haim Saban Net Worth 2019


The net worth of Haim Saban is 2.9 billion.

Who is Haim Saban?

Haim Saban is an Israeli-American and a popular businessman. He was born on October 15, 1944, at Alexandria, Kingdom of Egypt.

His source of earning is television media and the production of films. Furthermore, he is also a musician, investor, and Philanthropist. Haim Saban is married to Cheryl Saban having four children. Haim Saban estimated worth of 2.9$ billion as of 2019.

He has a residence in California, Beverly Hills and Israel that is why he has dual nationality of USA and Israel. Moreover, he is the founder of the company Saban entertainment and according to Forbes, he is the ranked 232nd powerful person in America. He is also the producer and distributor of popular children’s programs in the USA.

How He Starts Career?

He is an Egyptian Jewish and migrates to Israel with family in 1956. He travels to France in 1970 and works as a music producer.

Haim Saban launches the record company with his business partner in the country France. As we have discussed above, he is the founder of Saban entertainment, he launches this company in 1988.

He and his business partner compose soundtracks in popular children’s programs. In addition, the two companies merge each other to form a children tv channel fox kids worldwide.

The merged companies were Sab Entertainment and News Corporation’s Fox Children’s Productions. There is a special meeting held in Washington, D.C in 2014 which includes Martin Indyk, Saban and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

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