Hamza Ali Abbasi showed Disappointment with the International Community


Hamza Ali Abbas has always been a motivational speaker for his fans and loved ones. The actor always comes up with some bold and strong words to put his stance on several issued being discussed in the country.

Recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi has shown a serious disappointment with the International community for remaining silent over the Kashmir issue. We are already familiar that our PM Imran Khan has taken the Kashmir issue at the international forum for the better solution. However, we are not witnessing any serious notice or action taken by the international community.

We also knew that Hamza Ali Abbasi has always shown support and raising his voice for the people of Kashmir. He has requested his fans and the people of Pakistan to be united and leave no stone unturned to support Kashmir.

He took to his twitter handle and sharing his opinion over this serious matter, he wrote,

“I hate to say this. I hope and pray I am wrong but looking at the attitude of the international community and the increasing Hindutva extremism in India, the situation is moving towards active conflict.”

He has given his stance mentioning that Pakistanis should observe the rules of Islam. They should “embrace its destiny”.

Hamza Ali Abbasi has also asked the Government of Pakistan to shut down airspace for India.

He wrote, “Now I hope and pray that along with mobilizing international community and institutions, the next step of Govt. of Pakistan will be to immediately shut down Pakistani airspace for India, cut off all direct trade routes from India to Afghanistan and halt all trade between Pakistan and India.”


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