Hania Aamir career and alia bhatt

Hania Aamir opens up about her career, credits Alia Bhatt for her success


The recent interview of the style queen Hania Amir has left everyone bewildered. People are surprised when Hania made a certain revelation about her career success.

We already knew that Hania is often compared with the Bollywood young starlet Alia Bhatt but the recent secret which Hania shared gives us a reason to believe.

During an interview, Pakistan’s glam girl Hania revealed that she wanted to thank the Bollywood queen Alia Bhatt as a key factor for her career success.

She mentioned,

“Alia Bhatt had been one of the main reasons behind me getting a lot of projects. If any producer is in need of an innocent-looking, dimpled young girl then they know where to find me.”

She further declared that “When Alia Bhatt becomes the face of any brand in India, then that same company approaches me to represent them in Pakistan. So I am very thankful towards Alia Bhatt and if I ever meet her in person, I would be over the moon.”

While asking about her big screen debut in ‘Janaan’ film, she asserted that,

“Entering the glitzy world of showbiz was a pure accident. I was busy studying and deciding if I wanted to pursue my higher education in the field of medical or business. And during this course, I received a call from a producer and I went to audition.”

She also mentioned some details about her family background. No one in her family wanted to be part of the entertainment industry. However, her mother does have some inclination towards this but she never spoke about it.

“No one from my entire family has ever been associated with the entertainment industry. While my mother did have an interest in acting during her student life, she never turned that into a profession.”

She also mentioned her immense likening for Mahira Khan.

“Regardless of how well her film does at the box office, I always have to be there to watch the first show.”

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