Hareem Farooq’s “Khush Raho na Virus” is something you must not avoid


Under the wake of recently spreading Coronavirus, Pakistan’s stunning actress Hareem Farooq has also a new kind of virus that you all must not avoid. Hareem Farooq’s “Khush Raho na Virus” is something you must not avoid

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“Khush Raho na Virus”

Khushi is something that many of us are deprived of these days. People are running after money and fame without realizing the real treasures of being happy. Giving a strong moral to her fans, harem revealed that she is suffering from ‘Khush Raho na Virus’ and everybody should have this virus for sure.

Introducing the virus of happiness, Hareem posted a beautiful picture of her with all smiley face to show people that we must not forget to smile.

She wrote on her Instagram,

“The only kind of virus I want to spread is ‘Khush raho na virus’. Its elements are joy, laughter, love, positivity, and gratitude and it’s extremely contagious. No prevention required.”

She further seeks help from her fans to spread this virus across the world.

She added, “Help me spread it as much as possible!”

Well, Hareem Farooq has done such a wonderful task by asking people to smile always. We must not forget that we can only share happiness with our loved ones when we ourselves are happy.

So, take her seriously and try to spread this ‘Khush raho na virus’ as much as possible.

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