Hasa Bin Salman, Saudi Princess, Stands Accused Of Beating Up An Artisan in France


Hassa Bin Salman, the Saudi princess is being accused by a workman who stated that he was beaten up by her. On 9 July she was supposed to face a verdict about this allegations.

Allegedly, bodyguards tied up Ashraf Eid, after which he was physically beaten up. He was punched and kicked and afterward was required to kiss the feet of the princess.

The Egyptian-born artisan was doing repair work at the house of Saudi King Salman, the princess’s father during 2016.

This happened due to the fact that she believed that the artisan had photographed her, without her permission.

According to Ashraf, the princess told him that he will observe how he is speaking to a princess and how he should speak to members of the royal family.

He added that she also called him a dog which must be killed as he is not worthy of living, as per the French news magazine, Le Point.

Emmanuel Moyne, her lawyer stated that Ashraf Eid’s statements were false. He said that the princess never uttered these words to the workman.

For justifying the princess, Moyne stated that she is a humble, caring cultured and approachable woman and added that according to Saudi law the taking of the princess’s image is not permissible, to ensure her security.

The lawyer continuously mentioned that the workman is lying and claimed the innocence of the princess.

Moyne added that they are hoping the plaintiff’s numerous incoherences and contradictions will be considered by the judges. He continued and said that the plaintiff’s description of the events is contradicted by the medical records, which is evident that he lied.

He stated that this case might soon be ending due to the solid evidence. Numerous charges had been brought against the bodyguard, Rani Saidi, which include: theft, violence & holding hostages amongst others, whilst bail was denied during October 2016.

During March 2018 a warrant for the arrest of the Princess was issued in France. At that stage in France, this case was seen as a big deal.

People thought that princess Hassa bint Salman was guilty due to the fact that people are of the opinion that rich and powerful people are usually involved in dirty tricks.

However, two years later, the princess announced her innocence.

This case led to increased tensions between Saudi Arabia and France after a situation which involved an Iranian nuclear deal.

In hindsight, it is difficult to judge what the truth is. On Tuesday, 9 July 2019, Princess Hassa bint Salman was nowhere in sight. A lot of people believe that she was in Saudi Arabia, but it could not be confirmed.

Whilst some people believe that Ashraf Eid requires justice, other people are supporting Princess Hassa bint Salman.

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