‘Hasad’ Drama Serial Review


‘Hasad’ drama serial revolves around the life of a girl Naintara. In the recent episode, the girl has lost her husband. She has not only to face the grief and sufferings of losing her husband but the societal pressures as well. She is already distressed and people refer to her as ‘Badnaseeb’.

Her sister-in-law is very brilliantly portraying the role of a jealous jethani even after the death of Naintara’s husband. She keeps on spewing venom in her saas’s mind against Naintara.

Naintara is unable to overcome the grief of her husband’s death. She is constantly seen memorizing those beautiful moments that she has spent with her husband. However, the world is crucial to her. They are always reminding her that she is a widow. So, she must stop day dreaming about the moments she has spent with her husband.

Zareen tried her best to demean Naintara in the eyes of the rest of her family members. From the very first episode of the drama serial, we have witnessed this. Her jealousy is touching the heights of glory even after her dewar’s death.

The character of Naintara is that of an innocent one. She lives in the world of her own. She is unable to realize the true colors of Zareen. She is always seen following her advises and acting upon her plans. As an audience, this thing actually disturbs us like how can someone be so innocent that he couldn’t get an idea of the bad intentions of others?

Zareen has some deadly thoughts in her mind. She thinks that Naintara wants to trap her husband Farhan. However, she won’t let her do so. Thinking all this she does stuff which is not liked by her husband and even saas. Her husband warned her not to do any harm to Naintara.

She even started playing dirty politics after introducing her brother. She claimed that Naintara is having an affair with her brother. This is certainly ridiculous. I mean how can someone be so mean and cunning like Zareen? This woman is crossing all her limits.

On the other hand, her brother added fuel to the fire claiming that yes Naintara tried her best to lure him. She often called him at home when she found herself alone.

However, Naintara refused to accept this whole rubbish which was going on between Zareen and her brother. But unfortunately, not a single member of her family believed her. They started thinking of her as a characterless girl. We as the audience can actually feel the mistakes. How Naintara’s family members can be so blind to reality?

The next melodrama created when her saas who had almost a heart attack, asked her to put her hand over Quran e Pak to prove her chastity.   

The audience of the show is quite perturbed over the story writing. The way they have portrayed the character of Naintara as someone so innocent. While on the other hand, Zareen has been shown so clever and cunning. It is disturbing as well that Naintara is not even trying to defend her and fight for the truth.

So, what is going to happen in the next episode? Will Naintara be able to fight for her rights or not?

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