Hasad Episode 17 & 18 Review


Finally, after two episodes of the slow pace, Hasad is actually getting strong again with the interest of the audience. Both Minal Khan and Arij Fatima are doing best in their respective roles.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

This week’s episode features once again the dirty tricks of Zareen that she used to play with Nain Tara. Despite facing so many insult and hardships, Zareen is not getting a lesson out of it. Rather she is planning to do something worse than she has ever committed.

We have witnessed Nain Tara who is trying to make the environment quite peaceful after abandoning her fight with Zareen. However, Zareen, on the other hand, is not going to sit back so relaxed. She wanted to throw Nain Tara out of her house and trying her best to make her plan successful.

Nain Tara herself allowed Zareen to win her games. On the other hand, Farhan is making attempts to win Nain Tara’s heart. However, she is oblivious to this by most of the part.

We as the audience are actually pissed at Nain Tara. Why she is not responding to Zareen’s evil plot that she is planning against her? We wish at once to shake Nain Tara so that she may realize what she is doing.

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To cut long story short, Zareen Called Dr. Bilal whom she seemed is quite worried about Nain Tara. She manipulated him by saying that Nain Tara is leaving a miserable life at this house. She and her son are suffering a lot of difficulties.

We as the audience, are still unaware of Dr. Bilal’s intensions. But are sure that he is going to play a big role in Nain Tara’s life no matter what it is. Whether it’s bad or good.

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