Hassad Episode 11 & 12 Review

Hassad Episode 11 & 12 Review


Hassad drama serial seemed from its very first episode carrying the story of the same stereotypical characters who in their envy destroy the lives of all those people who have been associated with them. However, coming episodes revealed that this is not just the depiction of the stereotypical characters or that same typical story which has been followed since years. Rather it has a lot more to discuss and learn.

Being the regular viewers of the drama serial, we have witnessed how Zareen manipulated each character in the drama serial to act against Nain Tara. Sometimes she behaved rudely with her calling her a misfortune for her husband. Sometimes she vilified her character with the help of her brother. However, Nain Tara has passed through all the allegations very bravely.

At first, she was being portrayed as a meek and feeble character who is dependent on others, however, with the passage of time and especially after the death of her husband, we have seen a strong transformation in her character. And with this, things are actually getting easier for her.

Now it seemed that Zareen has to bear the brunt of all of her wrong doings that she has done to Nain Tara.

In this week’s episode, we have seen how with the help of Farhan, Nain Tara has successfully taken her mother-in-law’s support and love to whom Zareen has manipulated against Nain Tara earlier.

It is getting difficult for Zareen to digest the happiness of Nain Tara.

In this week’s episode, we have also being introduced with two new characters, i.e. Dr. Bilal and Erum. Dr. Bilal appeared to be Nain Tara’s old classmate and it seemed that he will support her and will bring a cause to her happiness.

While on the other hand, we had Erum who is Nain Tara’s neighbor. Erum will also play the role of the antagonist as she is also jealous of Nain Tara like Zareen and wanted to take revenge from her on the basis of her friend Zari (Zareen).

Taking an unexpected turn, things went in favor of Nain Tara when Farhan’s mother insisted him to marry Nain Tara. Hearing this, Farhan remained quiet not giving any answer to his mother. As an audience, we are actually relieved to hear this but also surprised as what fate will hold for Nain Tara for now. Will Farhan marry her or give her all those happiness which she deserves?

Well, apart from Nain Tara’s case, Farhan is also not doing right to subject Zareen to the physical violence. He has seen Farhan time and again raising hands on his wife which is not to be promoted. Albeit Zareen has done a lot of wrongdoings to the entire house, but physical violence is not acceptable at any cost.

We are eager to see the next episode of Hassad. How Happiness will make its way to Nain Tara and how Zareen will bear the brunt of her Hassad.

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