Hassad Episode 13 & 14 Review

Hassad Episode 13 & 14 Review


Life is very unpredictable. At one point it showers loads of happiness and blisses upon you and the next moment you have nothing in your hands.

Hassad drama serial revolves around a certain theme which is of “you shall reap what you sow”. The protagonist Nain Tara who has suffered a lot after her husband’s death has transformed herself into a strong woman now.

On the other hand, we have Zareen who has evil intensions against Nain Zara and tried every trick to get her out of the house. However, things turned the opposite. Instead of Nain Tara, it’s Zareen who is facing the most. May it is the brunt of all her wrong deeds which she has plotted against Nain Tara. So, now she is reaping all that she has sowed before.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

A double episode of Hassad has been witnessed this week. One of the most unexpected things was when Farhan married Nain Tara leaving Zareen all alone with her wrongdoings.

There was no such development in the story during this week’s episode. However, the happiness which Nain Tara will now be enjoying is one of the most relaxing points for the audience.


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Nain Tara who was once criticized and called bad luck and widow is now enjoying the honor of the wife of Farhan. While Zareen is found helpless. She has nothing in her hands except the burden of her evil plans.

After witnessing Nain Tara and Farhan’s wedding, she has no power, no right to threw Nain Tara out of the house as she has planned earlier.

At one moment, she has admitted Farhan’s second marriage, but on the other moment, we as the audience are afraid she might come up with a greater evil plan against Nain Tara.

The brilliant performances both from Arij Fatima and Minal Khan are remarkable. The character of Farhan is pleasing as well. The way he has helped the poor Nain Tara when there was no one for her to help her survive in the society, is much appreciated.

The drama serial is hooking its audience quite strongly after offering the best episodes.

The next week’s trailer of the Hassad will reveal what Zareen has in her mind now. However, Nain Tara is not alone now. She has the full support of her husband Farhan and her mother in law.

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