Hasad Episode 15 & 16 Review

Hasad Episode 15 & 16 Review


Last week, we have witnessed how Zareen’s efforts to ruin Nain Tara’s life went useless. Rather she becomes the one who has suffered a lot after Farhan decided to Marry Nain Tara and he actually did.

However, Zareen is not one of those who surrender before the circumstances. Instead of realizing that she has done so wrong to Nain Tara, she keeps on plotted evil plans against her. And it seemed that this time, she will come up with even more dangerous and evil thoughts against Nain Tara.

So, what happened in this week’s episode?

This week’s episode doesn’t feature any specific character or plot development. Rather the story goes on revolving around Zareen and Nain Tara.

Zareen keeps on playing her games with Nain Tara. While Nain Tara has been shown as the usual nice bahu and Farhan was seen supporting Nain Tara. There wasn’t anything new.

This time, Zareen was seen playing with the baby of Nain Tara. What’s going on in her mind? What she is going to do now? She is not sparing her baby.

After witnessing Zareen’s cunning nature, Farhan once again gets angry at her. While on the other hand, Nain Tara tried her best to bring peace and satisfaction in the house.

One interesting thing that we have noted during this week’s episode was Nain Tara’s mother-in-law. She wasn’t seen much during the whole episode. What does it indicate? Perhaps the Hasad drama team has been trying to show that the reason behind this is that she is trying to clear Zareen’s path to harm Nain Tara. However, this is just an indication or idea.

Moreover, we as the audience also feel that Zareen’s divorce could create more problems into the life of Nain Tara. Well, we can’t say anything surely.

Another thing which we have witnessed is the comeback of Dr. Bilal the role which is played by Arsalan Faisal.

One interesting and sudden revelation that team Hasad made in this episode was that Dr. Bilal is also handling his father’s architecture business. We as the audience are actually shocked to hear this like how can a person who is a doctor by Profession can get into the business of architecture?

His comeback could serve a great purpose into the life of Nain Tara otherwise the team has not done this.

In terms of story development, this week’s episode was quite slow as compared to the previous ones. Witnessing all the previous exciting episodes of the drama serial, this fresh episode seemed quite dry and boring. In short, this week’s episode has failed miserably to attract our attention.

You can watch the entire episode here,

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Hasad Episode 15 & 16 Review
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