Hassad Episode 3 and 4 Review

Hassad Episode 3 and 4 Review


‘Hassad’ drama serial which aired on ARY Digital last week, has failed to impress the audience with the same stereotypical story and plot. We hoped that the next episode will have something to hook its audience however it seemed that it will go on with the same flow with which it has started. The stereotypical one!

Last two episodes which build up the story for the audience, have set an example of an ideal relationship of Nain Tara and Armaan. However, it seemed that the seed of jealousy which was planted by Zareen has worked very well. Shakespeare has very aptly stated jealousy as ‘the green eyed monster’.

The recent episodes of ‘Hassad’ revealed the demise of Armaan and later on the torments and sufferings of Nain Tara being his widow.

Armaan has just lost his life in the pursuit of saving his brother’s life. The family has to suffer a huge loss, particularly Nain Tara. All her happiness vanished when she came to know that Armaan is no more.

The question is what happened after Armaan’s death? The same typical melodrama started as women started calling Nain Tara as the one who is responsible for the death of her husband. Phrases like ‘badnaseeb’ and ‘Shohar ko kha gai’ are casual in Pakistani culture and that’s what Nain Tara has experienced.

With this incident, we thought Zareen would change her behavior towards Nain Tara. But no! She is the same typical jealous jethani.

However, we can appreciate the character of Farhan who has proved to be a good son, brother and then brother-in-law.

One interesting thing about this week’s episodes was its mixing of all the emotions at one place. Like you have experienced the bereaved Nain Tara and her family. You can witness the jealousy and rage in the form of Zareen and later on, a ray of hope stands for Nain Tara in the form of Farhan. While the first two episodes portrayed very artistically the concept of love and companionship. All in one.

It is being directed by Aabis Raza.

The concept of wearing a white dress for a widow is not included in our culture. However, it is being portrayed in the serial which is a little bit embarrassing. Apart from these flaws, the acting skills of Minal Khan were remarkable.

What ‘Hassad’ has next in store for us will be determined with the next episode. It seemed that it will soon hook its audience with the basic and more refined meaning of ‘Hassad’.

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