Hassad Episode 6 & 7 Review

Hassad Episode 6 & 7 Review


It seemed that with each passing week, Hassad drama serial is making a firm grip.  Nain Tara has become a constant object for Zareen to tease. She is always seen making schemes and plots against her. We are actually stuck to determine what’s wrong with Zareen.

Next target which looms in Zareen’s mind is her saas. She spews venom in her ears against Nain Tara and hence she remained all alone after the death of her husband.

We have also witnessed how she rumors about her pregnancy. Farhan is not going to believe her. He witnesses all the injustice and sufferings which Nain Tara is a subject to only because of Zareen.

At first glance, we thought Zareen is jealous of the love and affection which Armaan showers on his wife Nain Tara.  Because we know that Zareen’s husband is of serious nature and doesn’t like to do romantic stuff, so Zareen’s obsession with Nain Tara was evident. However, with the death of Armaan, we are actually puzzled why Zareen still manipulating against Nain Tara. May be the issue wasn’t the relationship of Nain Tara and her husband. It was only Nain Tara’s existence which perturbed Zareen the most.

The drama serial is directed by Aabis Raza and was firstly not liked by the audience. However, with the passage of time, it started making its audience base quite strong. Each character in this how is doing his best. Perfect delivery of dialogue and expressions.


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Being portrayed as an antagonist, Areej aka Zareen has impressed us so very well. The drama serial now certainly seems to touch the heights of glory. Anxiously waiting for the next episode of Hassad.



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