Hassad Episode 7 & 8 Review

Hassad Episode 7 & 8 Review


Hassad drama serial which has once faced audience disliking for the portrayal of the same stereotypical relations as have been displayed in the older times has now become the most wanted TV show of the time.

The drama serial features stunning Minal Khan as the protagonist while Areej Fatima played the role of a jealous jethani. This week’s episode marks some other hatred blows from Zareen towards Nain Tara. The hatred which is being portrayed in this drama serial is beyond all the expectations. One wonders what actually Zareen wanted to do with Nain Tara. Like so much hate.

It is pertinent for you to note that once it was just Zareen who hated Nain Tara but now her saas also wanted Nain Tara to leave the house as Zareen has vilified her character.

Despite their efforts, the poor Nain Tara does not agree to leave the house of her husband who is no more. While we have also witnessed how Farhan speaks in her side. He tried his best to defend Nain Tara in front of his mother and wife. However, they are not convinced.

It’s not that Farhan’s mother accusing her but she just wanted to get the truth out of her. She tried to defend her at certain points but it seemed that she is under the spell and manipulation of Zareen so she couldn’t help so.


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Apart from Zareen’s efforts of vilifying Nain Tara’s character she has some other task to do as well i.e. to put a full stop to her fake pregnancy. She is planning another attempt to disrespect Nain Tara after blaming her for her fake pregnancy as she can no longer carry out the fake drama.

We have also witnessed some new characters in this week’s episode. We have seen Nain Tara’s sister and brother-in-law but she is still all alone. It couldn’t help her. Her trials and sufferings in this society are not ending.


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Although Areej Fatima has carried out a negative character upon her, however, the way she has portrayed her evil side in this drama serial has actually won the hearts of her fans. Its ok to carry put a negative character so that you can yourself witness your abilities and talents.

We have also seen a slight change in Tara’s character. It seemed that drama serial will show us how a weak girl can transform herself into a bold girl who will fight for her and raised her voice against all the cruelties and injustices which is being implied on her.

We, as the audience are anxiously waiting for the next episode.

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