Hassad Episode 9 & 10 Review

Hassad Episode 9 & 10 Review


The Hassad drama serial is brilliantly making its roots strong with each passing episode. This week’s episode has perfectly hooked the viewers with some inspirational movements by Minal Khan aka Nain Tara who is the protagonist of the drama serial.

The audience termed it as the best episode so far delivered by the team Hassad. The character transformation of Nain Tara has given a new turn to the entire story. A powerful development in the story and concepts has uplifted the serial.

In last week’s episode, we have seen how Zareen was trying to blame on Nain Tara about her fake pregnancy. In this week’s episode, we have witnessed how Zareen remained unsuccessful in calling out her fake pregnancy into a miscarriage.

Another exciting thing that we felt as the audience was the empowering character of Farhan. He was enraged and didn’t listen to his wife Zareen who keeps on making excuses and blames. With this mature sense of responsibility on the part of Farhan, we can expect good things for Nain Tara from now on.


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And then comes the main and most important part of this week’s episode. The transformation of Nain Tara from a weak woman to the strong woman has surprised her fans. She finally comes up with words and speaks in her own favor. She was seen standing for herself fighting with everyone who belittles her character. She is no more the meek Nain Tara who was subject to the sufferings and hardships which she faced after her husband’s death.

She has not only refused to her mother-in-law who was forcing her to leave the house but also shut the mouths of her sister and brother-in-law who were persuading her to marry someone else. She has indeed realized her inner strength and capabilities and now stands as a firm woman.

Perhaps it’s just her motherhood which has helped her in improving her character. Her acting was flawless. The manner in which she deals with her in-laws was remarkable.

As the audience, we are keen to see this more strong side of Nain Tara and what changed she will adopt in order to secure her and her baby’s future. She has got a plus point with Farhan actually concerning about her and caring for her. Perhaps, with the help of Farhan, she will be able to justify her character.

Let’s see what the next episode holds for all of us.

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