Have to see how we can attract US investment in Pakistan: FM Qureshi


Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Wednesday stated that the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has visited Islamabad on the instructions of the US President Donald Trump.

Have to see how we can attract US investment in Pakistan

While addressing a press conference, Qureshi declared, “There is a lot of space for American investors in Pakistan and we have to see how we can attract investment in Pakistan.”

He asserted that “We have to see which sectors need investment in the country.”

While shedding light at the Afghan peace process, FM Qureshi declared that “At first, we were thought of as a part of the problem but now, we are being considered as part of the solution.”

He added, “Pakistan has been invited to attend the US-Taliban accord. It would not have been possible if Pakistan had not intervened.”

He further added that “Islamabad’s contribution is being in the process is being acknowledged. Before Pakistan was blamed for the failure of the South Asia Strategy in Afghanistan but now the situation has changed.”

“A new era has begun,” he noted.

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