Look These Things in Istanbul

Have You Looked These Things in Istanbul?


Some really interesting things today we would like to share with you via Logicalbaat.com  portal. Few cities have such a rich history as Istanbul, the former Constantinople. Romans, Christians and Ottomans have left their mark on the city on the Bosphorus, where Asia and Europe meet. A flight to Istanbul is cheap today and thus another incentive to visit this unique city.

From Where Turkey Emerged?

Many of the major attractions are concentrated in the Sultanahmet district, which is located on the west side of the Golden Horn. The tip of this peninsula is occupied by the Topkapi Palace, the residence of the Sultans during the Ottoman Empire, from which Turkey emerged today.

Legendary Harem:

Around four courtyards, the magnificent buildings of the rulers, whose highlights include the legendary harem, are grouped by the women’s apartments. In the audience rooms of the Sultan are displayed weapons, jewels, clothes and other treasures from earlier centuries.

Topkapi Palace :

Another highlight of Topkapi Palace are the religious treasures of the Sultans, including a footprint of Muhammad and one of his whiskers. In the sprawling gardens with its fountains and pavillions you can always find a quiet spot for a break.

Not far from Topkapi Palace are the city’s three main religious buildings, which dominate the skyline of Istanbul with its filigree minarets. The oldest of these is the Hagia Sophia with its massive red-painted outer walls.

What Was the Largest Church in The World in 6th Century?

It was commissioned by Emperor Justinian in the 6th century and has long been considered the largest church in the world. After the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans, the Hagia Sophia was re-consecrated as a mosque in 1453, before it was declared a museum and historical monument in the 20th century.

Two Historical Mosques In Istanbul

The two most important mosques in Istanbul today are the Suleymaniye Mosque and the Sultanahmet Mosque, better known as the “Blue Mosque”. Both buildings impress with their magnificent interior design with richly decorated walls and candlesticks.

The Galata Bridge brings visitors to the Beyoglu district, the vibrant, modern downtown of Istanbul. The pedestrian street Istiklal Caddesi invites to shopping, and to relax in cozy street cafes.

Bosphorus, another landmark of Istanbul:

From the top of the 62m-high Galata Tower, there is a magnificent view over the Golden Horn on Sultanahmet with its mosques and minarets, and on the Leander’s Tower in the entrance to the Bosphorus, another landmark of Istanbul.

A visit to the European-style Dolmabahce Palace from the 19th century rounds off the visit to Beyoglu. You cannot miss these beautiful and historical monuments whenever you are on visit to Istanbul.

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