Haveli Restaurant in Lahore

Haveli Restaurant


badshahi Masjid

Are you wondering to get a full time desi food while enjoying the best ambiance? Then let me introduced you to a restaurant which is appropriate enough to meet your needs of having a sumptuous dinner. I am talking about “Haveli Restaurant” in Lahore.
Along with food, the restaurant is best to enjoy the glory and history of Lahore as it is located at 2170-A Food St Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City, Lahore, Punjab. The area is commonly known as ‘Old Lahore’. You can feel the reminiscent of the past and the glory of Mughals while visiting the place.
Haveli Hotel badshahi Masjid
You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Lahore from the Haveli Restaurant. The very sight of Badshahi Mosque will leave you spell bound. The views are so enchanting that for a while you are almost lots in the beauty and glory of Lahore forgetting everything else. The Haveli is in itself a unique representation of the rich heritage of Lahore.
The restaurant offers simply delicious cuisine.

Its wooden balconies and jharokas, hand carved doors and windows, wrought iron railings, sun dried flat bricks, handmade tiles and other antique features makes it an embodiment of the characteristic style of the old ‘Walled City’ that you will love to experience after years.
On a cloudy evening, the scenery of the city becomes more luring and captivating. People across the regions came to visit the spot to witness the past glory of legendary Mughals.

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