Heights n Delights Lahore

Heights n Delights – Variety of cuisines under one roof

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If you are still in the lane of those who have yet not discovered the eateries and this time just make up your mind to visit it.

Heights n delights offer a variety of cuisines that you can enjoy under one roof. The sitting, ambience, staff, and environment everything is up to the desires.


First of all, let us discuss its interior. The best part of this eatery is its rooftop area that looks tremendously beautiful at night with some string lights and beautiful huts.

Heights n Delights Restaurant Lahore

The restaurant is vast in having big indoor sitting as well. A special area has been reserved for celebrations like birthday parties or other events.

While mentioning indoor sitting, I would like to share its interior. It’s not as fancy and appealing as the one at the rooftop. You can enjoy the chilly weather in winters and some fresh air during summer evenings.   heights and delights dinner buffet

Heights n Delights Menu/Food

The menu doesn’t have one or two cuisines rather it has ample options to discuss and select from. You can get plenty of items in desserts and beverages as well along with some economical deals.Heights n Delights Menu

Heights n Delights lahore food

Whether you want to grab some Chinese, Thai, desi or some continental dishes, everything is available under one roof.Chinese food

chicken karahi

Heights n Delights address


You can visit the spot right in front of Qaddafi Stadium. Here is the complete location,

New Prince Hall, Opp Gaddafi stadium, Main Ferozpur Road Lahore، Service Rd, Abu Bakar Block Garden Town, Lahore, Punjab.

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