Heroic Pilot Lands Jet Safely Without Front Wheels


MANDALAY – A Myanmar National Airlines pilot, Captain Myat Moe Aung, now lauded as a hero, landed an Embraer aircraft, able to carry 190 passengers, on the plane’s nose at the Mandalay airport, with 89 passengers and crew on board.

The jet took off at Yangon while approaching Mandalay the pilot discovered that he could not extend the plane’s front landing gear.

Emergency procedures were followed as he circled around the airport twice, burning excess fuel, which reduced the plane’s weight.

The aircraft landed on the rear wheels prior to the plane’s nose landing on the runway; it then skidded and came to a stop after approximately 25 seconds.

Myanmar’s secretary Win Khant (Ministry of Transport & Communications), said an investigation would be launched, whilst adding that captain Aung did an excellent job. No passengers were injured.

A Biman aircraft of Bangladesh Airlines which landed at the Yangon International Airport on Wednesday skidded from the runway in bad weather. Seventeen passengers were injured.

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