Hira Manis typical Indian look got stuck

Hira Mani’s typical Indian look got stuck among the Awam and people cannot help commenting on it


Being a celebrity you have to face the pros and cons of your profession. It’s a part of your job. Photo shoots are very essential for this profession and of course, if I said photo shoot then it definitely means a specific look. These shoots can be of different types such as traditional, western, cultural and blah blah. Different fashion industries held photo shoots carrying the famous models of the time to captivate the public while advertising their specific brand.

Hira Mani is considered as one of the precious gems in the whole Pakistani industry. Despite the fact that she is a versatile actress people cannot help commenting negatively about her photos. Bhai logon ka to kam hy kehna. She recently posted a picture, on instagram, with a bindi on her forehead and sindoor in her mang, she got trolled awfully by the public.

These comments include commenting on her being Hindu and ridiculing her badly. However, there were her supporters too who speaks in her favor by saying that wearing a bindi and sindoor did not make you a Hindu. This does not happen for the first time in the industry. Hina Altaf was also the victim to the subjects. However, faith is something personal. You have no right to call someone Hindu or Muslim or pass any judgment about their character. Their business is none of your business.

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