HMD to Launch New Phones Without Nokia Branding

In a notable departure, Human Mobile Devices (HMD Global) has revealed plans to unveil its upcoming line of devices without the Nokia branding, indicating a potential shift away from Nokia Mobile smartphones.

HMD Global, the entity behind this decision, has offered a glimpse into its forthcoming product lineup, which includes a diverse array of offerings such as smartphones, tablets, and wireless earbuds. Speculation is rife that the debut of HMD-branded smartphones could coincide with the upcoming MWC Barcelona event, slated for February 26-29.

While HMD’s official website still identifies the company as the “Makers of Nokia phones,” there are hints that future releases might feature Nokia-branded feature phones.

HMD is set to introduce a new range of phones promising durability, enjoyment, security, speed, and affordability. Additionally, existing Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets are currently available at discounted rates, subject to availability.

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It’s worth noting that Nokia Corporation remains a global leader in network equipment and a significant patent holder in the mobile technology sector, boasting an extensive portfolio of over 6,000 patent families crucial to 5G technology advancement.

Regarding recent developments, Nokia recently resolved a longstanding patent dispute with Oppo and OnePlus, resulting in a cross-licensing 5G patent agreement. This resolution enables Oppo and OnePlus, both owned by BBK Electronics, to re-enter European markets where they were previously excluded due to patent infringement allegations, with Oppo now making royalty payments to Nokia and covering past periods of non-payment.

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