Arnold and kylie jenner

Hollywood celebrities condolence to the families of the martyred of Christchurch mosques


Hollywood celebrities condemned the Christchurch incident by calling it a brutal act.

New York: The white Supremacist terrorist has killed more than 50 Muslim worshipers at the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch on Friday. Hollywood celebrities have shown concern for the Muslims by strictly condemning the Christchurch mass massacre act.

Famous American Singer Halsey stated to her Twitter account that “She is sorry to the Muslim Community around the world. My heart is with you. Islamophobia is not simply ignorant, it’s deadly. We must find solidarity.”

According to the famous American model Kylie Jenner, the incident has broken her heart.

John Legend has also shared his grief on the incident. He said, “The killing in New Zealand are so horrific and heartbreaking.”

Legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has also shared his stance over this woeful issue, “My Heart goes out to the victims, their families and the people of New Zealand.”

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