Honda 125 new model 2020 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 new model 2020 Price in Pakistan


Atlas Honda is Pakistan’s acknowledged company offering a rich experience in bikes and cars. What makes it stand superior among the rest of the companies is its premium style and unique features that are introduced every year.

It has been the first choice among many of the Pakistani people because of the excellency and durability it has. We are living in an era where people are keener than before to have the best for themselves. They are prone to get comforted with the newest technologies.

Without making any compromise, people usually tend towrads the best options available in the markets. After Honda CD 70, the only bike that takes the hearts of the people is Honda 125.

Atlas Honda has been introducing many new features in Honda 125 as it has become the first choice of bike lovers. In 2020, the company has launched its brand new CG 125 Special Edition in the country. This new model has a lot of innovative options that you all must need to know.

Having a 5 gear transmission and perfect alloy rims, Honda CG 125 is winning many hearts across the country. It has two colors, i.e. Black and Red like always.

The new honda 125 model gives a perfect sporty look. It is a symbol of perfection and style. It provides an easy and comfortable ride on the rough roads as well. It is designed to deal with all kinds of roads giving a smooth journey to its rider.

Honda CG 125 is surely unmatchable. Its competitors are as usual Yamaha YBR 125, Ravi Piaggio 125, Road Prince 125, and United 125.

Honda 125 new model 2020 Price in Pakistan

Now the question arises that such a bike with these astonishing features will be available at quite high prices. But there is no need to be stressed about 125 Honda 2020 Price in Pakistan.

The new Honda 125 model is available in the local markets of Pakistan at quite affordable prices.

However, the price may differ from market to market as each market has set its price regarding the selling of the bikes.

Honda 125 new model 2020 Price in Pakistan is 126,500.

For a lush and comfortable journey, the new Honda CG 125 can be the best choice for you. So, why settle for less when you have such a great and amazing featured bike in front of you?

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