Honda CD 70 2020 new model price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 2020 new model price in Pakistan


In Pakistan, people tend towards newer and newer and technologies. Let’s take a simple example from mobile phones, cars, or bikes. Whenever any of these companies introduce their newer model, it is sold in no time. Pakistani people have been crazy about adopting the new models and feeling satisfied after doing so.

Atlas Honda has been the first choice among many Pakistani men owing to its excellency and durability. In the modern era, people get to know a lot of options, so nobody wanted to make any compromise while choosing a perfect bike.

So, take a short trip to the new model of Honda CD 70 in Pakistan that is full of surprising facts and alluring experience that you will not forget.

The first thing that captures the attention of the rider is the beautiful structure of Honda CD 70 new model. You will not be surprised to witness all this because the company is quite keen to introduce the newest technologies each time it introduces any new model of bikes.

Moreover, it can prove to be really an eco-friendly bike having 4 Stroke engine and giving such a luxury riding experience. It has comfortable seating that can promise an easy and smooth ride. Now you must have been thinking about its resale value. No worries. Because it won’t make you regret it while buying it. The resale value of Honda CD 70 2020 new model is good enough to settle for this.

Just giving a single kick start, its 4 stroke engine will fastly start and you will be having an amazing journey in no time. Its spare parts are easily available in the markets and local shops as well. It is launched in both red and black colors in the market.

Meanwhile, the 2 years warranty gives its buyers another reason to not settle for any other bike.

Honda CD 70 2020 new model price in Pakistan

You must have been wondering that such an amazing bike would cost you so many rupees. But hold on, the new Honda CD 70 model is available in the markets at quite an affordable price.

However, the price may differ from market to market as each market has set its price regarding the selling.

In Pakistan, you can get this bike at the price of 73,900 to 75,500.

Surprised to hear? But there is no need to. The lines that i have written are absolutely true.

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