Honda Reveals Its First Electric Scooter in Pakistan.

Atlas Honda Surprises the Market with the Unveiling of Its First Electric Scooter, the Honda BENLY e, in Pakistan.

The introduction of this two-wheeler at an event in Sheikhupura signifies a significant entry into the electric vehicle market for the company.

Positioned as a symbol of innovation and sustainability, the scooter marks a departure from traditional petrol-powered bikes.

While Atlas Honda takes the lead among major motorcycle manufacturers in Pakistan with the introduction of an electric scooter, other companies such as Yadea, Metro, and Road Prince have already made strides in the electric scooter market.

Atlas Honda’s move is in line with the growing demand for more affordable and cost-effective alternatives, particularly in the face of high petrol prices.

Featuring an 87-kilometer range, a 180-minute charge time, and a top speed of up to 45 kilometers per hour, the Honda BENLY e is poised to make an impact. However, specific details for the Pakistani market have not been provided, and the launch date remains uncertain.

This development highlights the industry’s shift towards electric mobility and signifies a commitment from major manufacturers to explore new avenues in the Pakistani market.

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