Hong Kong School Robotics Team Sets New Record, Crafting World’s Tiniest Humanoid Robot, Surpassing Zain Ahmed’s Achievement from Pakistan

The robotics team from Diocesan Boys’ School in Hong Kong has accomplished a remarkable engineering feat by surpassing the record set by Pakistani scientist Zain Ahmad Qureshi in 2022 for creating the smallest humanoid robot in history.

Standing at a mere 141 mm (5.55 in), this robot is 11.3 mm (0.44 in) shorter than a typical ballpoint pen. The innovative minds behind this groundbreaking creation are students Aaron Ho Yat Fung, Isaac Zachary To, Justin Wang Tou Duong, and Ngo Hei Leung, as reported by Interesting Engineering.

Their humanoid robot has received official recognition from Guinness World Records and was featured in an episode of the organization’s YouTube series, Records Weekly. To achieve this record-breaking accomplishment, the team at Diocesan Boys’ School had to ensure that their creation possessed an impressive range of articulation, including the ability to walk on two feet and articulate its elbows, knees, hips, and shoulders.

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