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Hospital in Kohat refused to treat a Transgender


It’s a bitter reality of our society that we are still engrossed in the same marginalized system. A transgender was taken to the hospital in Kohat in quite a critical condition. The hospital management and staff refused to follow the case of a transgender and he remained unattended throughout the night. This enrages his friends and they can’t help themselves creating a fuss in the hospital.


Despite the actions taken by the transgender community, no doctor was assigned to take the case. Instead, they have asked a junior doctor to attend the patient. It really hits deep. Even their protest goes useless. What a pity!

Transgender marginalization

According to the previous records, a lot of steps were being taken by the government to make reforms that will actually work in the support of transgender society and their protection. The treatment that transgender receive is really heart-rending.
Transgender marginalization is yet not being solved. The community suffers greatly as it is shown by the current incident. Since 2009, the transgender community is officially recognized by the Pakistan government and still, their sufferings continue.

Now a days, transgender community are fully aware of their rights but despite this, they need governmental support to live freely and be treated fairly. This country is in the dire need of making reforms that support transgender society. Effective implementation of these laws should be insured only then we can stand in the way to prosperity. Health facilities and safety measures should be provided to them properly.

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