How Apple Card Could Revolutionize the Ways of Digital Transactions?


In this golden age of technology when hi-tech gadgets are so revolutionized, it’s difficult to carry cash on the go and to cope up with that we always carry our credit cards for the ease of transactions. The contactless transaction is the new cool and everyone is getting benefit out of it, but a reliable source to complete our transactions is another requirement. Well, Apple Inc. has launched Apple Card to release us from all worries and surprisingly Apple Card has the amazing features like no other credit cards provider.

For starter, we would like to say that the interest rate of Apple card in most of the countries is low as compared to the national average which could attract many new customers. The most prominent feature is security and great thing is that Apple Card impressed us all in that case as Apple card has no writing of card number or CVV which could be found on a traditional credit card, only name of the cardholder is mentioned on the front. This feature decreases the risk of theft of card details which is very common these days. Only the related app shows the number and every time the cardholder makes a purchase the system generates a unique transaction code and card number to prevent any breach of security.

Another great feature is customer service, as in our daily life we have to wait in the long queues during calls while submitting complaints to our service provider but in case of Apple Card you just need to send any query in a message through the messages app and you can simply chat with the customer service representative. You can also see detailed reports of your current and past transactions through different tools which are available to make it easier to understand the details.

Now the question is that when Apple Card is going to land in Pakistan? It is operating is most of the countries including U.S, Europe, and the Middle East but in Pakistan not possible as Apple hasn’t been launched officially in case of their phones and other gadgets, so Apple Card is far away from possible.

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