How can you preserve the picture Quality while Sending It Via WhatsApp?


“WhatsApp, the social-media messaging platform, owned by Facebook, turned out to be one of the major mobile applications where sharing videos and images with family and friends are concerned.”

By using WhatsApp, you will be able to send numerous images to your friends by a single tap on your phone.

However, the major disadvantage of sharing photos on WhatsApp, is that the photo’s quality at the receiver’s end is not the same compared to the original one.

There is no need to stress, because there are methods you can use to retain the photo’s quality when sharing with your family and friends on WhatsApp.

Follow the under-mentioned two methods for preserving the quality of the image on the app.

Open your mobile’s file manager and locate the specific image you wish to share. Now you have to open the friend’s chat or profile to whom you wish to send the photo. Then send it as an attachment to your contact, because you converted the image file into a .doc file.

After you sent it, ask your contact to rename the file he/she received to .jpg format again, to be able to view it.

  • Method 2: Compressing numerous images within a compressed file

Now you compress the entire image folder which you wish to share by using your mobile’s file manager or another compression tool.

Now you have to share this zipped file from your phone’s file manager directly or you can send it as an attachment to the recipient.

Ask the receiver to decompress your shared folder.

The above-mentioned methods are easy for both the sender and the recipient. This is due to the fact that they don’t need to experience the nuisance of altering each and every image file, because you shared all your images within one folder.

With this the recipients just need to rename one folder, without losing quality. It will help you a lot if you are doing any kind of marketing or you need to see original shapes of pictures. The right quality of images can make sure the exact results which you want to see from your competitors.

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