How many Rivers in Pakistan

How many Rivers in Pakistan?


Allah Almighty has blessed many natural beauties to Pakistan. Rivers are among these natural blisses gifted by the Almighty. In Punjab, there are five commonly known rivers. However, there are also ample small rivers in Pakistan that are adding more charms to the natural landscape of Pakistan.

Small Rivers in Pakistan

Some of these small rivers are Astor River, Rupal River, Gilgit River, Hunza River, Kunhar River, Misgar River, Kabul River, Swat River, Neelam River, Hispar River, and Swan River.

Punjab: The land of Five Rivers

It is worth noticing that the rivers in Pakistan usually originate from the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges that are usually covered with snow. We are all familiar with the fact that why Punjab is actually being called Punjab. Let me inform you again. Punjab is made up of two words; ‘Panj and aab’. Here ‘Panj’ stands for five and ‘aab’ stands for water. So, together, it is called the land of five waters or rivers.

How many Rivers in Pakistan

So, let’s discuss below how many rivers in Pakistan has and what purposes these rivers are serving. The main five rivers of Punjab, Pakistan are,

  1. River Indus
  2. River Jhelum
  3. River Chenab
  4. River Ravi
  5. River Sutlej

These rivers flow through different cities of Pakistan.

River Indus

River Indus is considered Pakistan’s lifeline because of its length. It is about 3180 kilometers long and hailed among the longest rivers of Pakistan. it also originates from the Himalaya region.

River Indus flows through the Azad Jammu and Kashmir and then enters in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. This river is enough to fulfill the water need of the country. It is because of its length that it is the main support for the agriculture system of Pakistan.

Sub-rivers of Indus River

The Sub-rivers of Indus river are,

  • Astor River
  • Balram River
  • Gilgit River
  • Kabul River
  • Tanubal River
  • Zanskar River

River Jhelum

River Jhelum is believed to be originated from the beautiful valley of Kashmir. It is about 774 kilometers long. This river joins the very enchanting Neelam river on its way near Muzaffarabad. The government of Pakistan has constructed many dams and barrages on this river.

Mangla Dam that is constructed in river Jhelum is hailed among Pakistan’s largest dams. With a storage capacity of almost 5.9 million acre-feet, this dam is fulfilling Pakistan’s waters and electricity needs.

River Chenab

Chenab River is formed by the two small rivers called Chandra and Bhaga that flow in the upper Himalayas. River Chenab flows through the Azad Jammu and Kashmir region. At the point of Trimmu, it is joined by the Jhelum river.

River Chenab is about 960 kilometers long.

River Ravi

Alike other rivers in Punjab, the Ravi river also originates in the Himalayas. This river also flows through the south-west of India, Punjab. This river is the common river of Pakistan and India that flows along the borderline as well. After entering Pakistan, this river joins the Chenab river.

River Chenab is about 720 kilometers long.

River Sutlej

The river Sutlej flows through Punjab Pakistan and also through northern India. This river is also known as Satadree.

River Chenab is about 550 kilometers long.

How many Rivers in Pakistan
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How many Rivers in Pakistan
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